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Equity and Inclusion

The Physics and Astronomy department is committed to becoming a welcoming, inclusive, and representative community providing an environment dedicated to research and supporting the scholarship and growth of all of its members. Although we recognize that we are not there yet, we strive to achieve this goal through reflection, education, and action. The department's Equity and Inclusion Committee serves as a catalyst to help attain this goal, as well as a medium to receive feedback, track progress, and maintain accountability. We expect all members and visitors to our community to abide by our Community Standards.

APS Site Visit (Winter 2024)

The department of Physics and Astronomy has invited the American Physical Society (APS) to conduct a site visit in winter 2024. The goals of the visit are to understand the current climate within our department, and to work towards creating a more inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment for all, with special attention given to the experiences of women and members of marginalized groups.

In preparation for the site visit, we are forming a departmental team that is responsible for conducting a self-study prior to the site visit, as well as responding to the report produced from the site visit. Approximately one month prior to the site visit, all members of the department will be invited to participate in a confidential Climate Survey conducted by the APS. Results from this survey will inform discussions at the site visit itself.