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K. Michael Brooks

K. Michael Brooks

Faculty Support Assistant - CAPST & SQMS

Phone number: 847-491-5626
Office location: F236

  • Appointments (CAPST & SQMS)
  • Student Funding & Expense Reporting (CAPST & SQMS)
  • Orders and Requisitions (CAPST & SQMS)
  • Website Management (CAPST & SQMS)
Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown

Program Assistant

Office location: Tech F165

  • Social media and news items
  • Space surveys, keys, and room assignments 
  • Seminar support
  • Teaching faculty and visitor expense reimbursements
Catherine Cotter

Catherine Cotter

Assistant Chair/Director of Operations and Outreach
Works remotely on Tuesdays

Phone number: 847-467-5101
Office location: Tech F173

Katie Curth

Katie Curth

Manager of Research Administration - WCAS

Phone number: 847-467-7687
Office location: Tech F167

  • Pre-award grant management
  • Proposal development and submission
  • Award Management Requests
  • Award Closeouts
Elizabeth Margetich

Elizabeth Margetich

Financial Assistant
Works remotely Wednesday/Friday

Phone number: 847-467-3798
Office location: Tech F151 (enter through F155)

  • Student funding
  • Postdoc funding
  • Postdoc expense reimbursement
  • Appointments (postdocs, students, temps, contractors, visitors)
Jason McBride

Jason McBride

Business Administrator - Center for Fundamental Physics
Works remotely on Wednesdays

Phone number: 847-467-6740
Office location: Tech F134

  • Pre-award and post-award grant management (CFP)
  • Appointments (CFP)
  • Funding (CFP)
  • Non-sponsored budgeting (CFP)
Margaret Mersch

Margaret Mersch

Business Administrator
Works remotely on Thursdays

Phone number: 847-491-4551
Office location: Tech F157 (enter through F155)

  • Manager, Business Office
  • Effort Reporting
  • Spending Projections
  • NUCore Reconciliations
Clarence Morales

Clarence Morales

Program Assistant - Applied Physics Program

Phone number: 847-491-5455
Office location: Tech F237

  • Admission & Registration (AP)
  • Payroll (AP)
  • Website management (AP)
  • Events (AP)
Laura Nevins

Laura Nevins

Program Assistant - Center for Fundamental Physics
Works remotely on Tuesdays

Phone number: 847-467-6678
Office location: Tech F134

  • Colloquia (CFP)
  • Faculty support, Postdoc/Research staff visas (CFP)
  • Purchasing (CFP)
  • P&A Seminars (interim), P&A Expense reports (interim)
Emilio Salvia

Emilio Salvia

Graduate Program Assistant

Phone number: 847-491-3685
Office location: Tech F165

  • Graduate admissions
  • Graduate registration
  • Graduate student expense reimbursements
  • Special events and seminars
Erin Sazy

Erin Sazy

Financial Coordinator
Works remotely Monday/Thursday

Office location: Tech F151 (enter through F155)

  • Expense Approvals
  • Monthly Reconciliation
  • Research Appointments and Funding
  • Committee for Equity and Inclusion Member


Academic Office Coordinator

Office location: Tech F165

Vaso Ventresca

Vaso Ventresca

Accounting Specialist
Works remotely Tuesday/Friday

Phone number: 847-491-8622
Office location: Tech F155

  •  Purchasing and Accounts Payable
  • Faculty expense reimbursements and payment requests
  • Capital Equipment Inventory
  • Computer Replacement Program
Samantha Westlake

Samantha Westlake

Undergraduate Program Assistant

Phone number: 847-491-7650
Office location: Dearborn 3A - Tech F165

  • Undergraduate registration, class permissions, and events
  • Physics & Astronomy Colloquia
  • Dearborn Observatory scheduling 
  • Teaching faculty, undergraduate, and visitor expense reimbursements
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