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Rapid Fire Research

Describing your research in a clear, concise, and stimulating way is as much of an art as a science, and is crucial for getting that funding or landing that dream job. Rapid Fire Research is an event showcasing the physics and astronomy student research at Northwestern, with a focus on developing the skills necessary for constructing an elegant and simple pitch of your research. Presenters must be graduate or undergraduate students active in physics or astronomy research. Winning presentations will be featured on the Rapid Fire Research website and receive cash prizes.

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Presentation Specifics

2024 1st Place Student

Yanpei Deng

"Tuning Electron Correlations in KTaO3"

2024 Runner-up Student

Nabeel Rehemtulla

"Finding Supernovae with Artificial Intelligence"

2023 1st Place Student

Ann Xu

"Diversity at Neuron Level"

2023 Runner-up Student

Carin Gavin

"One Photon at a Time"

2022 1st Place Student

Imran Sultan

2022 Runner-up Student

Nic Pavao

2021 1st Place Student and Runner-up Student

There were no winners in 2021 due to lack of participation.

2020 1st Place Student

Peter Lim

"Preserving magneto-optical properties in ALD-passivated CrI3"

2020 Runner-up Graduate Student

Dylan Temples

"Hydrogen Doping in LXe-TPCs for Dark Matter Searches"

2019 1st Place Graduate Student

James Dragan

"Nondestructive State Readout of Molecular Quantum States"

2019 Runner-up Graduate Student

Keenan Avers

"Single crystal growth of uranium based superconductors"

2018 1st Place Graduate Student:

Cody Dirks 

"Carbon in the Interstellar Medium"

2018 Runner-up Graduate Student:

Kyle Kremer

"LISA Sources in Milky Way Globular Clusters"

2018 Runner-up Undergraduate Student:

Dylaan Cornish

"The Host Galaxies of Short Gamma-ray Bursts"

2016 1st Place Graduate Student:

Zach Hafen

“Interpreting the Massive Gas Flows Around Galaxies”

2016 Runner-up Graduate Student:

Katie Breivik

“Distinguishing Between Formation Channels for Binary Black Holes with LISA”

2016 1st Place Undergraduate Student:

Trent Cwiok

“Acoustic Signaling in a Xenon Scintillating Bubble Chamber”

2016 Runner-up Undergraduate Student:

Benjamin Moy

“Microstructure of Aerogel”