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Theoretical Condensed Matter

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Anupam Garg
Professor Garg's research centers around quantum phenomena involving the orientational degree of freedom of spin angular momentum. Current projects include the formalism of spin coherent-state path integrals and spin semiclassics, and the collective relaxational dynamics of spins in molecular solids of single-molecule magnets.  Email Anupam Garg

Pallab Goswami

Pallab Goswami is currently working on theory of topological phases of matter, competing orders, topological defects, quantum phase transitions, and strongly interacting gapless states without a quasiparticle description. He is also collaborating with experimentalists to search for topological phases in strongly correlated materials.  Email Pallab Goswami

Jens Koch
Professor Koch's research focuses on the theory of interacting photons in circuit QED arrays, their nonequilibrium steady-states, dissipative phase transitions, open-system quantum simulation, and on new mechanisms for enhancing quantum coherence in superconducting qubits by intrinsic quantum error protection.  Email Jens Koch

István Kovács [Kovacs Laboratory Page]

Professor Kovács is working on bridging the gap between structure and function in complex systems. His group is developing novel methodologies to predict the emerging structural and functional patterns in a broad spectrum of problems ranging from systems biology to quantum physics, in close collaboration with experimental groups. Email István Kovács

James A. Sauls

Professor Sauls' research is focused on phases of condensed matter that derive from spontaneous symmetry breaking and topological order, including topological phases of superfluid 3He and unconventional superconductors. Sauls' research group is working towards an understanding of transport via edge and surface states of topological superconductors and superfluid3He.  Email James A. Sauls