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From O'Hare International Airport to Evanston

Airport Taxis

The ride to Evanston takes 35-50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather. The fare to Evanston is about $40 but can range up to $75. These are Chicago city cabs. It is legal (though not required) for Chicago cabs to multiply the meter rate by 150% if they go to a destination outside the city of Chicago.

Norshore Taxi

Call them at 1-800-244-9200 or 1-847-864-7500. The fare to Evanston is a flat rate of $35 for one person. It will probably take 10-15 minutes for them to pick you up.

Shuttle Buses

The overwhelming majority go to downtown Chicago. However, there is a shuttle which goes to the Omni-Orrington Hotel in Evanston, only a couple of blocks from Northwestern. However, it can be a very long time between round trips for this shuttle.

The "EL" (Chicago Transit Authority Train)

The EL is an option if you are traveling on a very low budget, because it is by far the cheapest form of transportation (under $3.00). It is also by far the most time-consuming way to go from O'Hare to Evanston. Take the blue line to downtown, then transfer to the red or purple line to Evanston. On-line maps of the EL routes are available at the CTA website.

City bus

Pace Bus Route 250 provides service from the so called “Kiss-n-Fly ATS Station” at the O'Hare Airport to the Davis “EL” Station in downtown Evanston, from which you can take a taxi or walk to campus (10-20 min walk). The bus is another good option if you are traveling on a budget, with a cost of less than $2.50 and about 1 hour of transit between O’Hare and downtown Evanston. More details can be found on the Pace Bus website.

From Midway Airport to Evanston

Norshore Taxi

Call them at 1-800-244-9200 or 1-847-864-7500. The fare to Evanston is a flat rate of $55 for one person.

Public transit

Take the Orange Line from Midway to downtown. Then take the Red Line to Howard Street, and switch over to the Purple line to get from Howard Street to Noyes Street, close by the University.

You can save some time by taking the Orange Line from Midway to downtown, then getting off at the Randolph and Wabash Street station where there's a cab stand. Take a $20 - $30 cab ride from downtown to Evanston.

Driving Directions

If you are driving, you can use Northwestern University's directions to Evanston.

If you come by taxi, tell the driver to take you to the Technological Institute (TECH) at Northwestern University in Evanston, 2145 Sheridan Road.

The Tech Institute is a large Prairie-style building made of white stone on east side of Sheridan Road. Enter through the main entrance of the Institute, or through the side door on the right side of the plaza. Physics is in the "F" Wing.

Parking Information

Two parking lots are conveniently adjacent to the Technological building. One is at the southwest corner of Noyes Street and Sheridan Road. The other is on the interior of the campus, accessible by a driveway just north of the Noyes/Sheridan intersection, on the east side. Another parking lot that almost always has open spaces is located directly behind the Sports Pavilion & Aquatic Center (SPAC).

If you need to park on campus during your visit, you will need a visitor's parking permit, they are required for use of the lots. Please call: 847-491-3685 at least two weeks before your visit to request a visitor parking pass be mailed to you. Two-hour street parking that does not require a permit may also be available along Noyes Street.