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Minor- Old Requirements

Minor in Physics

These requirements apply to the Class of 2019 or earlier classes.

The minor in physics gives students a basic understanding of the most essential concepts in the field.  It has the same prerequisites as the physics major, a somewhat lighter core, and two physics electives.

Prerequisites (6 units)

MATH 220 and 224 or MATH 212, 213, 214

MATH 230

PHYSICS 125-1,2,3 or 135-1,2,3 (General Physics)

Minor Requirements (8 units)

MATH 234, 240, and 250; or 250 and 290-1,2,3; or 281-1,2,3

PHYSICS 330-1 (Classical Mechanics)

PHYSICS 333-1 (Electricity & Magnetism)

PHYSICS 335-0* (Modern Physics) or 339-1 (Quantum Mechanics)

Two other 300-level physics or astronomy courses other than 311, 335, 398, 399 and Astro 398,399

*Physics 335-0 is sometimes offered as 'Physics of Magic', but that version of the course does not satisfy the minor requirements.