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Theoretical Astrophysics and Observational Astronomy
Gravitational waves and their electromagnetic counterparts; cosmic explosions and other transients; compact objects, including accretion and outflow processes; dynamics of star clusters; formation and dynamics of extrasolar planets; cosmology and galaxy formation; interstellar medium and star formation; the Galactic center and other nuclear black holes; instrumentation from sub-millimeter to x-ray wavelengths


Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Atomic and molecular trapping and cooling, coherent control, applied optics, quantum computing and cryptography, precision tests of the standard model

complex systems motter

Complex Systems and Biological Physics
Neural networks, protein-DNA interactions, chaotic fluid flows, liquid interfaces

Helical state

Condensed-Matter Physics: Theoretical and Experimental
Calculational materials physics, nonlinear and quantum optics, ultra-low-temperature physics, nanoscale physics, thin films, superconductivity, NMR studies, magnetism, superconducting qubits and their application to quantum information and foundational tests

Particle Physics: Theoretical and Experimental
Neutrinos, dark matter, charm mesons, new physics and the standard model at the LHC, QCD and electroweak physics, lepton flavor, low-energy tests of fundamental symmetries