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Hooman Mohseni

Professor / Joint with Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Interests

Single photon detectors; electro-optical modulators; photonic integrated circuits; nanophotonics; novel optoelectronic devices; novel infrared detectors

Selected Publication

  • A. Bonakdar and H. Mohseni, "Impact of optical antennas on active optoelectronic devices", Nanoscale, 6 (19), 10961 - 10974 (2014). 
  • I. Hassani Nia and H. Mohseni. "A proposal for Coulomb assisted laser cooling of piezoelectric semiconductors." Applied Physics Letters 105.4, 042102 (2014).
  • V. Fathipour, O.G. Memis, SJ. Jang, R.L. Brown, I. Hassani Nia, and H Mohseni, “Isolated Electron Injection Detectors With High Gain and Record Low Dark Current at Telecom Wavelength,” IEEE Journal of Selectred Topics in Quantum Electronics, 20(6), 3805106 (2014).
  • A. Bonakdar and H. Mohseni, "Hybrid optical antenna with high directivity gain," Optics Letters 38, 2726-2728 (2013). 
  • Alok Tayi, Alexander Shveyd, Andrew Sue, Jodi Szarko, Brian Rolczynski, Taylor Kennedy, Amy Sarjeant, Charlotte Stern, Dennis Cao, Walter Paxton, Wei Wu, Sanjeev Dey, Albert Fahrenbach, Jeffrey Guest, Hooman Mohseni, Lin Chen, Kang Wang, J. Fraser Stoddart, Samuel Stupp, "Room Temperature Ferroelectricity in Supramolecular Networks of Charge-Transfer Complexes," Nature 488, 485-489 (2012)
  • J. Kohoutek, D. Dey, A. Bonakdar, R. Gelfand, V. Fathipour, O. G. Memis, and H. Mohseni, "Mechanical frequency and amplitude modulation of quantum cascade laser integrated with plasmonic nanoantenna", Small, (2012).
  • J. Kohoutek, A. Bonakdar, R. Gelfand, D. Dey, I. Hassani, V. Fathipour, O. G. Memis, and H. Mohseni, "Integrated all-optical Infrared Switchable Plasmonic Quantum Cascade Laser", Nano Letters, (2012).
  • W.  Wu, I. Hassani, and H. Mohseni, "Interlevel Cascade Transition in Electrically Confined Quantum Wire Arrays", ACS Nano  5 (9), 7488-7493, (2011).