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Giles Novak


PhD, University of Chicago, 1988

Professor Novak works in observational astrophysics and astronomical instrumentation. His research group is currently contributing to three instrumentation projects: called HAWC+, BLAST-TNG, and TolTEC. All three are aimed at key questions in star formation research: What sets the rate at which new stars and planets are born? What factors determine the masses of stars and the properties of the associated planet-forming disks?

To learn more, please visit the Novak Group page. 

Selected Honors and Awards

  • NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award, 1997
  • Weinberg College Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research, 2012

Selected Publications

  • E. G. Cox et al.
    The Twisted Magnetic Field of the Protobinary L483
    Astrophysical Journal 932, 34 (2022)
  • D. Lee et al.
    HAWC+/SOFIA Polarimetry in L1688: Relative Orientation of Magnetic Field and Elongated Cloud Structure
    Astrophysical Journal 918, 39 (2021)
  • P. Santos et al.
    The Far-infrared Polarization Spectrum of Rho Ophiuchi A from HAWC+/SOFIA Observations
    Astrophysical Journal 882, 113 (2019)
  • P. C. Ashton et al.
    First Observation of the Submillimeter Polarization Spectrum in a Translucent Molecular Cloud
    Astrophysical Journal 857, 10 (2018)
  • L. M. Fissel et al.
    Balloon-Borne Submillimeter Polarimetry of the Vela C Molecular Cloud: Systematic Dependence of Polarization Fraction on Column Density and Local Polarization-Angle Dispersion 
    Astrophysical Journal 824, 134 (2016)
  • N. L. Chapman, J. A. Davidson, P. F. Goldsmith, M. Houde, W. Kwon, Z.-Y. Li, L. W. Looney, B. Matthews, T. G. Matthews, G. Novak, R. Peng, J. E. Vaillancourt, and N. H. Volgenau
    Alignment Between Flattened Protostellar Infall Envelopes and Ambient Magnetic Fields
    Astrophysical Journal 770, 151 (2013)

Other Activities