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Fall 2016


Sec. Course Title Type Time Instructor Room
ASTRON 425-0 1 Stellar Astrophysics Lecture MWF 2pm-2:50pm Vicky Kalogera Tech M166
DATA_SCI 401-0 1 Data-Driven Research in Physics, Geophysics, and Astronomy Lecture Th 2pm-3:20pm Vicky Kalogera Tech M120
DATA_SCI 421-0 1 Integrated Data Analytics I Lecture MWF 1pm-1:50pm Michael Schmitt Tech LG52
PHYSICS 411-0 20 Classical Mechanics Lecture MWF 9 am - 9:50 am Yoram Lithwick TBD
PHYSICS 411-1 20 Methods of Theoretical Physics Lecture MWF 11am-11:50am David Schwab Tech L221
PHYSICS 412-1 20 Quantum Mech Lecture MWF 10am-10:50am Brian Odom FSB 2407
PHYSICS 422-1 20 Condensed-Matter Physics Lecture TTh 11am-12:20pm Nate Stern Tech F279
PHYSICS 423-0 1 Nuclear Physics Lecture TTh 2pm-3:20pm Kamal Seth Tech LG62
PHYSICS 428-1 1 Quantum Field Theory Lecture MF 2pm-3:20pm Ian Low

Elder Hall 030

Seminar Room

PHYSICS 441-0 1 Statistical Methods for Physicists and Astronomers Lecture MWF 1pm-1:50pm Michael Schmitt Tech LG52
PHYSICS 470-0 1 Introduction to Biological Physics: From Molecules to Cells (IBiS 410) Lecture MWF 12 - 12:50 pm John Marko Annenberg Hall 101
PHYSICS 519-0 20 Responsible Conduct of Research Training Lecture

Nov 3, 10, 17


Brian Odom Jacobs Center G45

Classroom assignments and instructors may change. Please check CAESAR for the most recent information.

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