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CIERA Director Vicky Kalogera featured in Sky and Telescope Magazine

June 22, 2022

vicky-kalogera-square-300x300.jpgCIERA Director and Astronomy Professor, Vicky Kalogera, is featured in the June issue of Sky and Telescope Magazine, along with Einstein Fellow Maya Fishbach, and Board of Visitors Research Assistant Professor Zoheyr Doctor.  The article discusses astronomers' use of gravitational waves to deepen understanding of black holes. The article also highlights Research Assistant Professor Aaron Geller's "Masses in the Stellar Graveyard" visualization. Kalogera played a leading part in the pioneering discovery of gravitational waves, and she and several CIERA colleagues remain active in ongoing research in this and related areas. CIERA is one of 40 University-wide research hubs that attract talent from across Northwestern to pursue high-impact knowledge and innovation.

*Text taken from Northwestern Research 

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