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Andrew Geraci wins 2023 APS Francis M Pipkin Award

October 13, 2022

geraci_660.jpgCongratulations to Professor Andrew Geraci who won the 2023 APS Francis M. Pipkin award! 

This prestigious award was established by the Topical Group on Precision Measurements and Fundamental Constants of the APS “to recognize exceptional research accomplishments by an early-career scientist in the interdisciplinary area of precision measurement and fundamental constants and encourages the wide dissemination of the research results.”  It is awarded only every two years.  Previous winners include well-established leaders of the field such as Holger Mueller, David DeMille, Eric Hessels, and Steven Lamoreaux, among others.

The citation for Andy's award reads:

 "For developing new precision measurement techniques to search for weakly coupled interactions of mesoscopic range and demonstrating the precision sensing capability of optically levitated nanoparticles."

Congratulations, Andy!

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