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Koch Group Develops New Tool for Analyzing Large Superconducting Circuits

September 15, 2021


Physics and Astronomy Professor Jens Koch and members of his research group have developed a new tool for analyzing larger superconducting circuits.  This work by Professor Koch and his group builds on earlier projects centered on superconducting qubits and public software packages they have developed.

Dan Weiss, a graduate student in Prof. Koch’s group and lead author for the paper, explained that “Our framework is inspired by methods originally developed for the study of electrons in crystals and allows us to obtain quantitative predictions for circuits that were previously hard or impossible to access.”

The paper has been published in the American Physical Society’s Physical Review Research Journal and can be viewed here.

More information on the Koch group’s research can be read in Northwestern Now.

Congratulations to Professor Koch and group on your research and publication!

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