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Catherine Cotter selected as the winner of the Dean’s Meteor Award

December 14, 2020

catherine_168x210.jpgCatherine Cotter, our Director of Operations and Assistant Chair, has been selected as the winner of the Dean’s Meteor Award.

From the Dean’s web site:

This award honors an outstanding staff member, employed in their new position within the College for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. This person has achieved excellence in their new position in the College in a relatively short period of time. They possess excellent initiative, resourcefulness, adaptability, and coachability. In addition, they are very efficient, have excellent service focus, and are viewed as a wonderful addition to a department or program.

And, from the nomination letter:

Catherine’s thinking begins with the question: “what needs to be done?” -- which is quickly followed by: “what is the best way to get it done?” She feels an enormous sense of responsibility for the success of the department, and she correctly understands that this success comes only when she does her job well. She is results-oriented and habitually reflects on the efficacy of the approaches she takes and makes adjustments and changes as needed… Catherine has an exceptional vision for her staff. In much less than a year, she welded together a team that is now cohesive, forward-looking, and happy to be working under her guidance. She sets the example of high quality and reliability and shows younger staff how to work well and work with others.

Congratulations Catherine!